Ranch, Honey Mustard, Italian, 1,000-Island, Russian, Bleu Cheese


Chef                                                    8.35
  (Turkey, ham, crumbled bacon, hard boiled egg, green pepper, tomato,
       cucumber, mushroom, pepperoncini,Swiss and cheddar)

Greek                                                8.35
  (Pepperoncini, feta, black olives, tomato, red onions, gyro meat with feta-Vinaigrette)

Grilled Chicken or Grilled Tofu        8.35
  (Green pepper, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, pepper)

South Western                                   8.35
  (Tortillas, cheddar cheese, tomato, onions, cilantro, choice of chicken or steak)

Spinach Salad                                     8.35
  (Spinach, bacon, mushrooms, tomato’s, red onion and feta served with hot bacon dressing)

Deli Salad                                             8.35
  (Any Specialty Deli Sandwich made into a salad)