Hot Dogs

Optional toppings: slaw, relish, mustard, Onion, Mayo, ketchup

All Beef Dog                                        3.95
       With chili and cheese                 4.60

Foot Long Dog                                    4.93

           With chili and cheese               5.71

Smokey Dog                                        5.16
  (Bacon, mustard, smoked cheddar and onion)

Chicago Dog                                        4.39
  (Tomato, pickle spear, diced onion, mustard, relish, celery salt)

Blue Hound                                         4.39

  (Bacon wrapped, mayo, blue cheese, diced tomato and red onion and crumbled bacon)

Double Dawg                                       6.81
  (Two foot long dogs with chili, cheese, onion and Fritos wrapped in a tortilla and grilled)

Dip Dog                                                2.89

Teenie Weenie Hot Dog           1.75
  (Small all beef dog-can be made up any wayfor a little more $)