All burgers unless otherwise stated come with

Mayo, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles

          **You can also Substitute

Turkey, Black Bean of 5oz. Grilled Chicken,

       for any 1/3 lb. beef patty**

Add Bacon to any burger                             1.50

Make any 1/3 pound patty 1/2LB                 1.50


Wildcat                                                            5.82

    (1/3 lb. hand-pattied fresh ground chuck)

Vol                                                                   6.37
    (1/3 lb. with cheese)

The Summit                                                    7.14
    (1/3 lb. with Pimento cheese and diced jalapeno)

Tank                                                                 9.89
    (Bacon double Vol)

Cheezy Yost                                       9.89

    (2/3 lb. filled with cheese)

Yo-Yo                                                     5.71

    (1/4 lb. filled with cheese)

Tobin                                                     13.20
    (Tank with Grilled Cheese Buns)

Tobinater                                            14.61
    (2 half-pound patties, bacon, cheese with grilled cheese buns)

Brooks Bomber                                   8.29
    (1/3 lb. with bacon, smoked cheddar, salami, pepperoni, spicy brown mustard and pickles)

Boursin Burger                                    7.69
    (1/3 lb. with mayo, spinach, tomato, Boursin cheese, red onion and bacon)

Black-N-Blue                                       7.69

    (1/3 lb. with mayo, red onion, tomato, lettuce, blue cheese, bacon)

Peanut Butter Bacon                         5.82
    (1/3 lb. lettuce, mayo, peanut butter and bacon)

Pizza Burger                                        7.14
    (1/3 lb. with provolone, pizza sauce, pepperoni, onions and green peppers)

Smokey & The Bacon Bit                 7.69

    (1/3 lb. with ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, smoked cheddar, two onion rings, bacon & spicy BBQ sauce and pickles)

Great Gaddis                                      7.69
    (1/3 lb. Mix of ground Chuck and pulled pork
         BBQ, lettuce, tomato, onion, fried pickle w/special mustard BBQ sauce)

Goats Gruff                                         7.69

    (1/3 lb. with peppercorn mayo, spinach, tomato, red onion & Goat Cheese on toasted bun)

California Burger                                7.69
    (1/3 lb. with mayo, sprouts, tomato, avocado, red onion)

Mushroom Swiss                                7.14
    (1/3 lb. with grilled mushrooms, Swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion)

Mowie Wowie                                     7.14
    (1/3 lb. mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, teriyaki, pineapple, cheddar cheese)

The Chili Shaq                                    7.14
    (1/3 lb. with bacon, cheddar cheese, chili, mayo, mustard, pickle, onion, lettuce and tomato)

Sean’s Spicy Burger                       7.69
    (Spicy brown mustard, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, sautéed habanero, jalapeno, Serrano and ghost chili peppers)

Black Bean Burger                           6.59

(Chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pepperoncini, - also can be done as a wrap)

LittleBoy                                                      13.20
    (3 1/3 lbs. patties with Bacon & Cheese)

Fatman                                                       26.40

    (4 ½ lbs patties with Bacon & Cheese, comes with Basket of Fries and soda)

If you think you can handle the Fatman Come and try our challenge! 

Finish    Everything in under 7 min 25 sec and it’s yours free!



Chicken Sliders                                  2.08
  (Chicken tender, mayo, lettuce, tomato pickle)

Baby Ben’s Buffalo Slider                 2.19
  (Chicken tender tossed in buffalo sauce,
 blue cheese dressing, lettuce tomato, pickle)

Wildcat Slider                                     1.75
  (2oz. patty)

Vol Slider                                            1.86

Vol plus Bacon Slider                        2.08